Friday, February 12, 2010

Motor Controller: Control Board Finished!

Last night I had a chance to work on the control board again! I got photos of the progress I made last time, and what I have currently!

This is where I started out last night, at this point I had about 3-4 hours invested in the motor controller power board.

At this point I had most of the diode soldered in.

At this point I had ALL of the diode soldered in. The Yellow, and Green LED were added. I had a "durrr" moment when I asked why LED's were labeled with a "D" (D3, D4 on the board)...only to get the most obvious answer.. "Light Emitting Diodes"...I'll know for next time, haha

Here all the components are in the board. All that is left to do is solder in the ports J1, J2, and J3.

Heres where I left off. Control Board is mostly done, the instructions will have me working on the power section of the board next time!

When I left off, I had worked a total of about 8 hours on the control board.

Heres a little video at the end, just giving progress updates :)