Friday, February 26, 2010

Motor Controller: Starting the Power Board

So I had another chance to work on the Open ReVolt controller; although I didn't really take any pictures -while- I was working on it, I did take a few afterwards.

Here is a view of the aluminum heat sink. This side is supposed to have the diodes, however the ones that were planned to be in my controller aren't supposed to be in until mid-april, and I dont really want to wait that long to finish the controller. I might have to get other ones that will make the controller a 600A version, not 700A; but I'm also looking in to other alternates at the moment.

This is a view of the MOSFETs soldered in and clamped down. Even though the instructions were very clear, I had to clamp and un-clamp them several times before I soldered them in place. One of the times I forgot to put in the thermal backing, so I had to do that, then once I had them clamped down again, I forgot to peel off the plastic from the thermal yea, don't forget that, as it just wasted a lot of time...

Heres a view from the "underside" which will be facing up on the controller when all is said and done. Simple steel bar being isolated from the board completely, I'm assuming its to spread the clamping force.

Heres a top view of everything. We spent a lot of time discussing whether or not to mount the buss bars all on one side, or to stagger them like in the plans. Although it makes more sense for safety reasons to have the bars on separate sides, its just not practical for my bike. Its easier to have all the buss bars on one side. We also figured out that we would be able to make the overall size of the controller slightly smaller!

I took Ben's "temporarily out of order!" controller to try and see where would be the best spot to mount on my bike. The size is slightly too large to mount where I had the other 2 controllers, and because I don't want to waste the wire I've already cut, I needed somewhere there the terminals would be close to where they were before. This seemed to be a good spot, it was in a spot where I didn't really have anything else to put, and would be something that could be easy access just by lifting the - soon to be made - seat off of the bike!

When I left off, I had worked a total of about 2 hours on the power board, most was sitting around thinking about where to mount the buss bars, and just triple checking to make sure i was doing things correctly!

Heres a little video at the end, just giving progress updates :)