Friday, March 19, 2010

Motor Controller: Got the Missing Parts

Alright so Paul finally got the diodes from digikey!! I drove to Ben's house as soon as he said he got the package, then went directly to my friend Tom's house to finish the controller!!

Here are the diodes that Paul sent me, along with the LEM 300-S current sensor. These diodes should make the controller a 700A version!! In reality, I doubt I will ever get the motorcycle to actually draw 700A (I don't think the motor can handle it), but I wanted it to be 700A as a safety precaution; and in case I ever decide to make an EV Car/Truck.

This is a view of the diodes finally soldered in and clamped down. As per Paul's directions, I clamped those suckers down TIGHT! The clamps never stayed straight, so after I got them tight, I used a flat head to scoot them over so they were up against the diodes.

Here is just a side view of the above picture; buss bar is clamped down with the conductive epoxy.

At this point I had the capacitors soldered in, and the copper reinforcement bars, along with the polypropylene caps soldered in place. Paul only sent 4 copper mesh re-enforcing wire, but I thought it would be a good idea to put some more across the other panels, just to ensure a good connection was present.

Now I had the gate resistors soldered in, and the two ground wires as well. As you can see, two of the gate resistor 'islands' on the pcb board didn't play nice, and the solder gun i was using heated them off. It shouldn't be a big deal so long as the gate resistors have a good solid connection to the gate legs on the MOSFETS.

At this point, I now had the control board screwed to the board that separates the control section from the power section. As you can see the gate resistors and ground wires are sticking through the board so they can get soldered to the control board.

Got the gate resistors and ground wires soldered to the control board.

And here she is!! (Almost complete..) I celebrated a bit too early; everything was done at this point, except i forgot to solder the thermistor into the control board and epoxy it to the aluminum heat sink. But none the less, here is a nice side view of my [almost] completed Open ReVolt Controller!!

Heres a short video after I was done with the controller!