Friday, April 9, 2010

Motor Controller: Cover Modifications

Alright, so I've officially decided to make the new [smaller] cover out of lexan or polycarbonate. Granted its not going to be nearly as strong as a metal counterpart, it WILL be non-conductive, which is going to be very important. It will also be see through; you know what that means?!?! LED's!!!! Yes, i'm going to see about adding some LED's to light the controller up when its at shows and what not...

Since I'm going to be making it out of some clear material, I thought it would be cool to carve out the open revolt logo! Here is the photo( that Ben made of the 11 possible logos; he said anyone could use them as long as they gave him credit; personally I like most of it was a tough call which I wanted to use.

I ended up emailing Ben to ask him which photo he used for the t-shirt he got, and he kindly sent me a high-resolution version. I shrank it down in Fireworks to the size I would need for my controller cover, and then printed a copy that to use as a template.

I put the paper under the polycarbonate and traced what I wanted to carve out with sharpie. Then I simply went at it with my dremel. Here I had just finished doing the Open ReVolt text.

Heres a photo of the picture under the polycarbonate; I did a fairly good job of staying in the lines...if I do say so myself!!

Next up was the hand and lightening bolt. I thought it was going to be much more difficult then it actually was. I just went slow and it came out pretty good; I did have a little mess up, but its not too noticeable...right?!?

Again, another photo...